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Chocolate Truffles

Hey Chocolate Lovers

The Soul Rocks also known as chocolate truffles are a type of chocolate confectionery, traditionally made with a Chocolate Ganache coated in cocoa powder.

It's our mission to create the most delicious and natural treats to delight your taste buds. We believe that the best flavours come from Mother Nature, so no chemical or artificial ingredients have been added.
Our chocolate truffles are organic as well as vegan.
Taking care of the well-being of our planet and its inhabitants,
The Soul Rocks are also free from GMOs, chemical additives, palm oil and preservatives.

Same Nature and Joy.

As one of our goals was to leave an as little footprint as possible on the climate, our packaging is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. We have made every effort to ensure that our chocolates are both delicious and free of guilt.

You can choose your best flavour from Coconut, Coffee, Cinnamon, Mint, Chili or Raspberries.

 Chocolate Truffles Chocolate Truffles

For the love of chocolate

Hey Chocolate Lovers!
We are Adriana and Adam
and we would like to share with you the pleasure of The Soul Rocks.

In 2019, we finally changed our habits.
A plant-based diet, caring for our planet and its creatures have become our priority.

Then 2020 came and the world turned upside down.
Well, everyone knows this chapteršŸ¤Æ
Let's move on to ChocolatešŸ„°
In spite of the circumstances, the idea for Vegan Chocolate Truffles was born in March 2020.

Immediately after changing the diet to plant-based, we faced many challenges. One of them was finding perfect vegan chocolate.
The really good ones were hard to find and very expensive, the ones available in stores did not deliver what we expected. The texture, smell and taste left a lot to be desired.
-Have you had such experiences?

We always liked dark chocolate, but chocolate truffles are a different level of delight.

Traditional chocolate truffles are nothing more than Chocolate Ganache made primarily of chocolate and cream, which, when combined in the right way, create one of the best chocolate delicacies known to mankind.

The search went on forever and we no longer believed that we would still be able to experience this pleasure.
Vegan sweets available in shops and supermarkets simply disappointed us.

Chocolate has always been close to our hearts and
even closer to our lips ;)
So we decided to take care of our chocolate cravings ourselves.

After many months of testing and hundreds of kilograms of chocolate,
We managed to create a product that not only meets our expectations but above all, brings a lot of joy to people who
have already had the opportunity to try The Soul Rocks.
It turned out that we created a new drug.
They are addictive and give a pleasant euphoria by inviting all the hormones of happiness to one chocolate party.

After conducting ''human testing'', we discovered the pattern
The respondents unanimously stated that The Soul Rocks are delicious, that they cannot resist eating another cube, that there is a moment when the truffles melt in the mouth and the taste sensations reach heaven. Meat eaters all admitted that they would not be able to say that our chocolates are vegan.

The idea for development is based on cooperation with local society and businesses.
Our chocolate kitchen is located in Zaanstreek, in the north of the Netherlands (the European heart of cocoa),
so we are in the right place.

We are ready to meet you in your homes, gardens, meetings with family and friends, and also in those moments when loneliness brings relief and peace.
The Soul Rocks are perfect for all these occasions.
Hugs and Kisses Chocolate Lovers
Ada & Adam

For the love of chocolate

"They are dangerously good, I can't resist eating another cube ... "

Vegan For...

 Vegan For...

For the animals

Preventing the exploitation of animals is not the only reason for becoming vegan, but for many it remains the key factor in their decision to go vegan and stay vegan. Having emotional attachments with animals may form part of that reason, while many believe that all sentient creatures have a right to life and freedom. Specifics aside, avoiding animal products is one of the most obvious ways you can take a stand against animal cruelty and animal exploitation everywhere.

For your health

Well-planned vegan diets follow healthy eating guidelines, and contain all the nutrients that our bodies need. Both the British Dietetic Association and the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics recognise that they are suitable for every age and stage of life. Some research has linked vegan diets with lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and lower rates of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and some types of cancer.
Going vegan is a great opportunity to learn more about nutrition and cooking, and improve your diet. Getting your nutrients from plant foods allows more room in your diet for health-promoting options like whole grains, fruit, nuts, seeds and vegetables, which are packed full of beneficial fibre, vitamins and minerals.

For the environment

From recycling our household rubbish to cycling to work, we're all aware of ways to live a greener life. One of the most effective things an individual can do to lower their carbon footprint is to avoid all animal products. This goes way beyond the problem of cow flatulence!

For people

Just like veganism is the sustainable option when it comes to looking after our planet, plant-based living is also a more sustainable way of feeding the human family. A plant-based diet requires only one third of the land needed to support a meat and dairy diet. With rising global food and water insecurity due to a myriad of environmental and socio-economic problems, there's never been a better time to adopt a more sustainable way of living. Avoiding animal products is not just one of the simplest ways an individual can reduce the strain on food as well as other resources, it's the simplest way to take a stand against inefficient food systems which disproportionately affect the poorest people all over the world.

The good news

The good news is there IS something we can do about it. Every time we shop or order food in a restaurant - every time we eat - we can choose to help these animals. Every time we make the switch from an animal product to a vegan one we are standing up for farmed animals everywhere. Going vegan is easier than ever before with veganism becoming increasingly mainstream as more and more people from all walks of life discover the benefits of living this way.

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